Fighting Demons

Following the trend of writing about what I happen to be reading right now, you’re finding me working my way through another old one – Carl Sagan’s The Demon Haunted World. I’m not finished yet, but so far I’m finding the content far too relevant (honestly, almost prophetic) to the state of the world right now.

How did we come to this, anyway? I remember in school, learning about the different “eras” of humanity. Well, there’s the colonial era. We don’t talk about the bad stuff there. Then Industrial. Also bad stuff, but we don’t want to talk about that too much, not to the children, come on now. Modern, Atomic, and here we are – Information Age. That’s what they were calling it when I was in school. They didn’t really understand this technology, though. Not yet. Because when they named it, the title wasn’t quite accurate.

Welcome to the Disinformation Age.

Carl Sagan talks at length in his book about the dangers of these “charlatans” that masquerade at science. I can only imagine how he’d feel seeing the state of the world today, with the anti-vaxxers and flat-earthers and climate deniers. It’s absolute madness. Where does it end?

It’s just so easy to be led to believe something these days. People stopped thinking about where they were getting their media, what the people telling them things wanted, and how dangerous is can be to let one source become your only source of anything. News, entertainment, you name it. It’s always bad.

But that is what we’ve done exactly.

Don’t let one source deliver everything to you. If someone says “trust me, don’t trust them” – never trust that person. They are trying to sell you something, and they don’t want you to trust anyone else so they can more easily mislead you.

Don’t let the charlatans win.

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