Wednesday Art Dump! 10/2/19

In the interest of holding myself accountable to learning to draw, I post some of the results of my practice here every week. I’m still far from where I want to be, but I get closer every week!

This week sees some characters from one of the Dungeons and Dragons games I run (this is usually my source of inspiration for these!). Particularly, all four of these people are part of a group known as the “Six Companions” or “The Oathsworn” – they were a group of great heroes and adventurers in days past. They’ve all now passed their prime, but they are doing what they can to help a new generation of heroes face a threat even greater than the one they faced in their youth. Had a lot of fun trying to draw more middle-aged characters!

Emmeira Lander, the youngest of the group. Fun loving, mischievous, clever.
Benrah Lander. Emmeira’s brother, a very serious fellow with a strong sense of duty.
Altara Sunderstar. Strong, stoic, no nonsense. Emmeira’s partner, they’ve remained inseparable even as the rest of the party went their own ways.
Tyrell Sprockenharp. A cheerful gnome (as they all are), the heart and soul of the group.

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