Friday Dice Round-Up

I’ve been told on occasion that I have too many dice. I think that’s ridiculous. Such a thing is not possible.

As a kid, my favorite activity at the game store was gazing longingly at the beautiful designs in the dice cases.

Now that I’m an adult (allegedly), nobody can tell me not to waste all my hard earned money on dice.

In honor of this life-long love of dice, I’m going to start posting some of my favorite sets from every Friday! You can follow this link to their store if you, like me, enjoy drooling over all the shinies. Any dice you buy when you follow that link also kicks a little money back to me, which is pretty cool.

This week, I was browsing through the Whirlwind collection on their site. I’m an absolute sucker for those swirly patterns on dice, and this is a set of nothing but those. Here’s some of my favorites!

“Country House”

Green is my favorite color, and my dice bag shows it. I love the deep green swirls in this set, and the gold makes the numbers stand out so well! These would look great for a Ranger or Druid character, I imagine.

“House of Black and White”

I love the stone-like feeling of this set, and the contrast of the black swirling through the white is gorgeous. I could see myself picking this set for a character like a Paladin or Cleric, or someone with very deep-set black and white morals. These dice have a very dignified and resolute energy.

“Numa Bliss”

Holy. Hell. These are so pretty!

The light purple and blue swirling through these clear dice give them a spacey and mysterious look. I could see using these for a head-in-the-clouds type Wizard character!

Head on over to to check out these sets and more for yourself! Even if you don’t plan to buy, there’s so many pretty dice on there, it’s worth a visit!

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