Friday Dice Round-up! (11/1)

Well, it’s Friday! That means it’s time for one of my favorite activities: drooling over pretty dice.

I guess Halloween is technically over, but I’m not done celebrating it just yet. Today I’ll be showcasing the Graveyard Set from! These acrylic dice are textured to mimic the feel of bone, making them an excellent addition to your collection for certain kinds of characters (or, perhaps, for a villain if you’re a Dungeon Master).

This is an ad: The dice I’m showcasing today are from – you can go check them out for yourself on their site, alongside many other cool dice sets! The links in this article are affiliate links, so if you follow them and end up buying anything while you’re there, I’ll get a little cut of the purchase.

Okay, done with that. On to the dice!


You just know I’m going to lead with these aqua-greenish beauties. The texture and shading of these dice is just so well done, I can almost feel them just by looking at them. I imagine these make a satisfying sound when rolled, as well!


Now here’s a set with a good graveyard chill to it! Despite the dark tones of the grey-scale color scheme, the black numbers still stand out as very readable. Of the three designs in this set, this one feels closest to the theme. This would be incredible for a necromancer!


As with all the designs in the set, you can feel the texture of these dice just by looking at them! The deep blood-reds with the blackened shading is great for a character who revels in violence, or perhaps somebody with a fiendish connection.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go spend what little money I have on new dice for the current villains in my campaign, because I only just had that idea while writing this.

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