Example Villain: The Mouse

Here’s another homebrewed villain character I’ve used in the past. This one shows another thing I love to do when building enemies, which is unabashedly stealing abilities from classes in the game. In this case, I created this villain by mashing together the abilities of an Assassin Rogue and a Way of Shadow Monk.

The result is a villain who is unbelievably slippery and deadly!

She also carries a couple magic items, which bolster he abilities and give the party some special loot if they take her down.

The Mouse was a ton of fun to run, and a hit with my party. I was able to build tension for the eventual showdown by having the party run into her over and over throughout the arc. She was taking stock of their strengths and weaknesses, watching them from the shadows. Her high insight meant she made an effort to talk to the party a few times as part of this assessment, also using these encounters as a chance to sow doubt and fear into the party.

By the time the fight happened, the Mouse knew her angle of attack on the party – who to target, how to counter and disassemble their advantages, and when to strike. This made her an especially difficult fight for them!

With her ridiculous mobility, I was also able to have her withdraw easily when the fight had clearly turned against her. Having a villain survive a fight can be frustrating for a party in a good way – they know they’ll see them again someday and get the chance to settle the score once and for all!

Villains the party has fought before are great tools to have in your pocket when building future arcs of a campaign.

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