Friday Dice Day! (11/22)

This Friday’s dice-appreciation post is going to feature the latest dice roll-out from, a line of gorgeous wooden dice sets!

These sets are right up my alley, appealing to my love of woodworking. They offer a unique option to round out your collection – how many finely crafted wooden dice have you seen at your tables?

You can bet the feel of these dice in your hands and the sound as they clatter across the table will be satisfying.

Heads up: This is an affiliate post, so any dice you buy from when you follow these links kicks a little portion of the purchase back to me.

Let’s take a look at some of the new sets!

Paduck Wood

You can see the porous surface of the wood really well in this high quality picture of the set, so you know this is the real deal. The wood has a well-smoothed and polished looking face with very prominent and readable numbers.

The subtleties of the wood grain further enhance the aesthetic appeal of the set, creating a beautiful textured look that is even more impressive when inspected up close.

Technical Wood Dark Rainbow

If plain wood is a little too drab for your taste, this set might catch your eye.

The dark palette rainbow pattern of stripes across the dice give this set a striking appearance that is sure to stand out at the table!

Red Sandalwood

Red Sandalwood – Dice Envy

This set showcases a variation on the way the numbers are displayed, engraved in each face. The result is an even more natural look for the set, without sacrificing any of the readability.

This set also has a subtle texture that will catch the light well at the table for a wonderfully complex look.

Ebony Wood

Ebony Wood Dice – Dice Envy

The final set I’m showcasing is a darker variant, giving the feel of old or wet wood. The numbers, in white, contrast sharply with the darker tones of the surface.

As with all the sets, the high quality of the materials is clear just at a glance. Any one of them would be a unique and worthwhile addition to any dice collection!

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