Great Expanse: On the Edge of the War

This is the page where I’ll attempt to keep my posts related to this campaign organized.

Here, you’ll be able to follow along with me as I run a game of DnD 5e – from the planning stages to the sessions themselves. The focus is going to be on explaining my process, why I make the choices I do, and examining how that plays out in practical play during sessions. Hopefully you can learn a thing or two watching me stumble around to bring back to your own games as a Dungeon Master!

Pre-Campaign Preparation

This section includes all the journal entries in the lead-up to the campaign’s start, detailing the work I did to get ready before we even sat down for a first meeting as a group.

Locations and Dungeons

This section will include any locations I create for the game such as towns, cities, or dungeons.

Campaign Journals

This section includes journal entries from the run of the game; both the planning stages of each session and the results after each session is played.

The Cast of Characters

Name: Dave
Race: Goliath
Class: Barbarian, Path of the Totem Warrior

Exiled from his tribe for refusing to bend knee to the New Thurrem Dominion when they were incorporated, Dave is a free spirit that doesn’t care much what others think of him or how his actions might affect them. He is live and let live, as long as the “letting live” involves him doing whatever he wants. He has a noted fondness for animals and small things.

Name: Kaltog Wildhorn
Race: Minotaur
Class: Artificer, Alchemist

Kaltog is native to the Great Expanse, though he never fit in well with his tribe. He left them to pursue a life in the new world brought by the colonial expansion, fascinated by their advanced magic and technology. He is extremely intelligent, self-taught, but often doesn’t think through the consequences of his actions.

Name: Kana’ti (“Lucky Hunter”)
Race: Tabaxi (plains)
Class: Monk, Way of the Kensei

Kana’ti is also a native of the Great Expanse. He was sent out by his tribe to learn about colonial customs and culture – they believe that the colonial expansion will inevitably consume the plains, and they are trying to integrate before it destroys them. He is quiet but perceptive, respectful, and quick to action.

Name: Sherlynx
Race: Triton
Class: Blood Hunter, Order of the Profane Soul (Great Old One)

Part of an ancient order known as “Trench Walkers” (as initiation, each member has dived to the lowest part of the ocean and survived), Sherlynx is in the first year of a pilgrimage all members of her order undertake. She is sometimes misguided and unwise to the world, but well intentioned. She will never stand by and do nothing while others suffer.